About Us

mind2markets (M2M) is a Market and Competitive Intelligence (M&CI) provider that delivers the right insights to the professionals to make informed decisions.

Competitor Insights

In-depth analysis of Fundamentals of a company for investment - key products, finance, expansion plan with strategic insights.

IPO Reviews

Analyses IPOs of the company and provides financial analysis, management, strategic and actionable insights. Understand the company before investment.

Momentum Stocks

Highlights company shares that have given technical breakout with fundamentally strong outlook.

M2M is a global market and competitive intelligence firm offering a wide range of services including Company 360, Battle cards for sales and product team, Competitive intelligence, Weekly/Monthly doses of strategic intelligence through a newsletter served at your email inbox. The company also offers a free service on IPO reviews with intelligent insights on the company, its key products, management, etc. to help readers take informed decisions before investing in a company. mind2markets is an industry expert in providing actionable insights on market and competitor intelligence requirements of a company.
At M2M, we always look to work closely with our client partners and develop something new for them to build long-term trust. As a trusted brand in the M&CI industry, we have a strong experienced team of industry veterans and research analysts to accomplish complex projects with high accuracy and in a short period. We have been serving multiple clients across many industries including Telecom, Data Centre, Electronics, Real Estate, Automotive, Chemicals. We thrive on customer success and strive for excellence. We feel responsible for our customer's decisions to achieve their desired outcomes. We are curious people and celebrate the spirit of questioning.