Highest Paying Dividend Stock in USA 

Genel Energy holds exploration and production operations in Northern Iraq.

In 2022, the company reported net production of 30,150 barrels of oil per day.

Market cap US$422.07Mn

Dividend yield: 13.3 %  debt-to-equity ratio: 0.4

US$0.18 per share Dividend in 2022 Same Dividend may be in 2023

Dallas-based Dorchester Minerals is the "owner of producing and non-producing oil and natural gas mineral across 28 States of USA

Market cap: US$1.08 bBn Dividend yield: 13.17% debt-to-equity ratio: 0.001

Owns mineral and royalty interests in 42 US states

Market cap: US$3.32 Bn Dividend yield: 12 % Debt-to-equity ratio: 0.054 Paid out US$0.475 per common unit in Q3 2022

Manufactures  ethylene with an annual capacity of approximately 3.7 billion pounds and a 200-mile ethylene pipeline 

The annualized rate of the current payment, $1.88 per common share, gives a yield of 9%.

$170 billion telecom giant

Verizon's 6.5% of dividend yield is the major selling point for VZ shares.

Its payout ratio, the percentage of its earnings to finance its dividend, is about 51%. 

$60 billion Company

3M operates in four business groups: safety and industrial, transportation and electronics, health care, and consumer

With 5.3% dividend yield, (the company's payout ratio is less than 60%.

A $31 billion company of retail pharmacy

With a payout ratio of 38%, investors can assure to get dividend. 

Walgreens Boots Alliance has increased its dividend payout for 47 consecutive years with a average dividend yield of 5.2% 

One of the highest-paying dividend stock in the Dow 

IBM's business is diversified across three business segments: software, consulting and infrastructure.

IBM Dividend yield is 4.9%

Is it right time to Invest in dividend paying stocks?

Most of the stocks are down to their lowest point due to global economic uncertainty.

Right time to Invest on a dividend paying stocks for long term.

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