Apple iPadOS 16.5 Released

Learn Features and How to Update

Apple's iOS 16.5 is available to download now. Let us see the Features

iPhone's operating system adds a sports section to Apple News

With the iOS 16.5 Update

This OS is available now to all smartphone owners.

Apple also rolled out similar software updates for the iPad and Apple Watch.

All Important Features of iOS 16.5

Pride Celebration wallpaper for the Lock Screen

Sports tab in Apple News gives easy access to stories, scores, standings, etc.

additional details about specific games, click on My Sports score and schedule cards in Apple News

Fixes an issue where Spotlight may become unresponsive

Owners of the iPhone will get a new Pride Celebration wallpaper for lock screens 

Addresses an issue where Podcasts in CarPlay may not load content

Fixes an issue where Screen Time settings may reset or not sync across all devices

How to download iOS 16.5

Go to the Settings app on your iPhone

Select General, then select Software Update

Click download and install

3 Simple Stpes

Keep your smartphone is plugged into a charger during the update.

Should I download iOS 16.5 updates?

You should always update your smartphone's Operating System

This will help you to receive the latest fixes that keep your smartphone secure.

Updates help to patch security gaps and improve your device’s overall performance

How OS Updates helps?

Updates on Other Devices

Apple also released iPadOS 16.5, macOS Ventura 16.4, and watchOS 9.5 with minor updates.

For Apple TV, the company launched multiview to watch multiple sports games at once.

Some features may not be available for all regions or on all Apple devices. 

Keep a Track of Next Release

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