ONDC Explained : Facts you must know 

ONDC India a Disrupting e-commerce platform in India

Let us discuss that

What is ONDC?

Open Network for Digital Commerce, the full name of ONDC, is an e-commerce platform that creates an online marketplace for sellers and buyers. 

This is a platform where anyone can sell and everyone can buy from each other online.

Is it a government Platform?

This government-backed platform aims to create a level playing field for e-commerce giants such as Amazon, Flipkart.

Compliant with the Information Technology Act, of 2000 

How to use ONDC Platform?

ONDC does not have its own app for ordering products and services

The company has partnered with apps like Paytm, Magicpin, Craftsvilla, Mystore, Spice Money, Pincode, and others

You can access ONDC through any App that is integrated with ONDC.

Steps to use ONDC - Login

Step 1: Open ONDC.org on your mobile or desktop browser.

Step 2: Search for the “How To Join button”. Tap on it.

Step 3: On the new window look for “Buy on ONDC link”. Tap on it.

Step 4: You will be able to see a list of affiliate e-commerce platforms that use ONDC mode of payments.

Step 5: Click on any platform of your choice. 

Step 6: Once the app/website opens, place your order, and the discount codes will be auto-applied at checkout.

Choose a role here once you are in ONDC.ORG

White Dotted Arrow

Click on  Buy on ONDC

Choose a Buyer Application

For PayTM you need an App in your Mobile or Tablet to shop from ONDC

For Others - Directly click on the Shop Now to start shopping from that site through ONDC 

How to order on ONDC through an App such as PayTM

Access the UPI platform Paytm

Search ONDC in the search bar and choose the purpose of using ONDC in order to complete the action. 

Then type ONDC Food on Paytm

Check out the cuisine you wish to order

Choose the restaurant and place the order.

Install PayTM APP in you Devices

How this platform will help?

ONDC platform will provide you with opportunities to accelerate your business growth.

The Platform is open to all categories of business.

How it will benefit different segments of society?

Sellers across the segment will get an equal opportunity to compete with large market players.

Buyers will get an opportunity to shop from a wide range of products across categories in a single checkout experience.

How it is different from Amazon and Flipkart?

This is a disruptive platform that shakes the existence of e-commerce behemoths such as Amazon and Flipkart.

sellers are directly selling their products to buyers without any commission

Buyers are getting food products at a 30 – 80% discount as compared to Zomato and Swiggy

The products are delivered by third-party providers such as Shadowbox, Dunzo, etc.

Who are opting to be a part of the network?

Some of the sellers like Boat, Delhivery, Alpino, Digiit, are part of this network. 

National Restaurants Association of India also urged its members to explore the ONDC platform.

Where ONDC is active now

ONDC is active in 236 cities in India.

On-boarded 35000 sellers.

Sell 38 lakhs products on the platform.

The numbers are going up .... 

ONDC is a game-changer platform in democratising E-Commerce Business.  

ONDC started gaining more popularity

More e-commerce platforms and portals will be onboarded soon


Is it Game Changing?

Experience India's biggest e-commerce revolution!

One Network, Unlimited Choice

35,000+ SELLERS

38 Lakh + PRODUCTS

08 Domains Live

43 Network Participants Live

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