Johnson & Johnson (NYSE: JNJ) Stock Forecast 2025

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Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) is a $515B market cap trading at 24.54 Price to earnings. 

Over the last five years, the stock has given more than 30% of return.

Stock Performance in Shot Term

JnJ Stock was down from $185 to $165 over the last year

Trading at 15 times its future profits. That's well below the healthcare average of 18.

JnJ also pays an attractive dividend yield of 2.9%.

Consistent performer in the stock market as well pays stable dividends

Long-term stability it offers investors with consistent dividend makes it attractive play

JnJ stock has now bounced from its 52-week low of $150 in March 2023. 

JnJ Stock Price Potential

The JnJ stock is trading above $165 in April 2023, this is the resistance level of the stock

Once it crossed that level it will start an upward journey to reach its 52-week high of $181 level. 

JnJ stock may reach the $200 level by 2025.

Johnson & Johnson is one of the top healthcare companies in the world. 

The company presence worldwide


Johnson & Johnson has been facing a legal battle over its talk products. 

Once this hangover cleared the stock will march its north-ward journey.

Reported a loss of $68 million due to a $6.9 bn charge tied to its proposal of settling lawsuits.

The catalyst for JnJ Stock

Beating Analyst Expectation  in terms of revenue and EPS

Reported revenues of $24.75 billion in the last reported quarter, representing a year-over-year change of +5.6%. 

EPS of $2.68 for the same period compares with $2.67 a year ago. Analysts expected $2.50 per share of earnings

Other catalyst for JnJ Stock

Offered $8.9 billion to settle all of its present and future talc litigation, considered a positive move

Continuously gaining market for some of its drugs, including Darzalex.

Completed a $16.6 billion acquisition of heart pump maker Abiomed that would help accelerate its MedTech business.

Future Game Plan

Planning to spin off its consumer health business in 2023 through an Initial public offering (IPO). 

J&J aims to raise a $42.95 bln valuation for consumer health unit Kenvue.

Game Plan

Expected to close the legal battle soon. 

Raised its guidance for the full year with adjusted earnings per share to come in between $10.60 and $10.70.

Consistent dividend payer of around $3 per share over the years.

JNJ stock has more room for growth.

Why Should You Invest?

Size of the Company, Strong Financial, rising EPS

Offered $8.9 billion to settle all of its present and future talc litigation, considered a positive move

Those are areas that should provide stable, long-term growth to the company.

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