What Should 

Invest In 


During the Economic Uncertainties

It is important to Understand the Safe Investment Options

Here are best 5 investment options during the uncertainties

Gold is the best hedge against inflation.

The gold rate is historically high now 

Experts believe the gold price might  be as high as $2500 (Rs 100000) by 2030.

Gold is higher liquid than any other investment options.

One way to invest in gold is through a gold individual retirement account (IRA) to get the tax benefits.  

Other options are physical gold, gold ETF, Gold bonds etc.

High Yield Dividend Stocks

Best Companies pay Dividend regularly even during the uncertainties

Investing in best dividend paying companies will give you a regular return over the years. 

High Yield Bonds

Bonds yield income (fixed income instruments) are often considered less risky than stocks. 

High yield corporate bonds are best investment option during the high interest era.

Bonds can only can buy through a broker or a nationalized bank. 

American High-Income Trust® AHIFX (F-2) gives a return of 8.3% AVG YTW And 7.48% of 30-DAY SEC YIELD.

Best Corporate Bonds (AA or AAA rating bonds) in India gives a yield of up to 18% that beats equity returns.

Interest rates on some certificates of deposit surpassed 5% annual percentage yield (APY) this year in the US. 

Higher-yielding CDs now carry rates nearly four times the current CD average.

In India, banks are paying interest rates up to 8% for a tenure of 12-60 months. 

Bajaj finserve offers one of the best returns on CD in India. 

These are less liquid than other investment vehicles as locked in for the duration of a CD’s term.

High Yield Equities

Investing in equities has its own risk and return 

Invest in strong fundamental stocks during the volatile market to gain the maximum profit.

Other Investment Options

Real Estate is one of the best low risk investment options.

Search for good commercial property  in your locality to invest in.

Investing in Crypto is another option  for those who loves high risk and high return.

Final Words

Investing in Equities during the market volatility is the best investment option for high return. Choose stocks carefully.

Investing in Gold and High Paying Dividend stocks are safe investment.

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