UAW Strike: Who is gaining Who is lossing

United Auto Workers (UAW) went on strike on 14th Sept until their demands met 

UAW is threatening to expand the strike to other plants from 3 plants currently

UAW is in strike only in three plants of GM, FORD, and Stellantis

Which Plants are affected now

GM Wentzville Assembly plant, Ford's plant in Wayne, Michigan, and Stellantis plant in Toledo, Ohio

What they produce in these plants

GM Models Produced in this plant

• Chevrolet Colorado, a midsize truck that starts at $29,200 • Chevrolet Express, a van that starts at $33,000 • GMC Canyon, a midsize pickup that starts at $36,900 • GMC Savana, a van that starts at $35,000

FORD Models Produced in this plant

• The Ford Ranger, a pickup truck that starts at $32,565 • The Ford Bronco, an SUV that starts at $39,130

Stellantis Models Produced in this plant

• Jeep Gladiator, a midsize pickup that starts at $38,775 • Jeep Wrangler, an SUV that starts at $31,895 • Jeep Wrangler 4xe, an electric Jeep that begins at $54,735

Market share of these three players 

General Motors held the largest share of the auto market in the United States in 2022 about 17.09% while Ford captured about 13.92%, and Stellantis held 11.66% during this time.

The disruption caused by the strike could affect the production of popular vehicles 

Vehicles such as the Chevrolet Colorado, GMC Canyon, Ford Ranger, Ford Bronco, and more

Who will benefit

The strike is relatively small in size so far: About 13,000 of the UAW’s 150,000 workers at Stellantis, GM, and Ford are participating

Who will benefit

Competitor such as Toyota, Honda, and Tesla will get maximum benefit out of it, if the strike continues for longer. 

Consumers may turn to these non-union competitors who may then raise their prices as well.

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