What is the Best Upcoming IPO in India

Should I invest in those IPOs?

Let us find out

Two Best IPOs are Coming up in 2023 

You should not miss those IPOs

Who are they?

Why I am interested to Invest in These IPOs.

Let us find out what is best about these companies

Tata Technologies is one of the Best IPO and much awaited IPO in 2023

Tata Technologies offers its services and solutions to clients in aerospace and transportation and construction heavy machinery worldwide.

Why should I Invest in Tata Tech IPO

Tata Technology is a pure-play manufacturing-focused ER&D company.

The company primarily focused on the automotive industry.

Strong revenue growth and strong parentage of TATA Group.

What is NSDL?

National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) is the largest depository in India.  

NSDL is responsible for the dematerialization of securities in the country.

Why Should I Invest in NSDL IPO

Duopoly business in India

Largest security depositor promoted by the National stock exchange (NSE)

Strong revenue growth over the years

NSDL IPO Key Facts

Complete OFS of 57.26 million share

Tentative IPO opening is August 4, 2023

Tentative IPO opening is August 4, 2023

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