2 companies got SEBI approval for IPO – Do you invest?

latest IPOs in market

Two latest IPOs in market that are coming up in 2022.

Market regulator SEBI has approved two more IPOs recently to come up with their Initial public offerings. The India market is at its buoyant stage and in an upward journey. Companies want to cash in on the situation through an Initial Public Offering. However, retail investors need to invest in those IPOs very carefully. The benchmark index Nifty closed above 18300 level and touched its 52-week highs 18,362.30 in the intraday trade. While investors are little cautious to invest in looking at the global macro factors, companies are coming up with IPOs.

Till October 2022, 25 companies floated their IPOs in the Indian market. Also read the 10 Best IPOs in 2022 till October. However, if you ignore the global macro factors, the domestic economy performed much better than expected in the 2nd quarter results. That helps the valuations of Indian equities look more attractive than their global peers. Along with, Indian economy is doing better than global economy and there are lot of hope from the upcoming budget also.

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Latest IPOs in Market

Two IPOs coming up in to the India market. Market regulator SEBI approved two companies DRHP to raise capital through IPOs. Sah Polymers and Sula Vineyard. Sah Polymer is a manufacturer of polymers that applied DRHP on April 21, 2022. Sula Vineyard a producer and supplier of wines in India, filed DRHP on July 15, 2022.

Sah Polymer IPO in 2022

Sah Polymer is an Udaipur Rajasthan-based company coming up with an IPO in 2022 of Up to 102,00,000 Equity Shares with a face value of INR10 each. Pantomath Capital Advisors Private Limited is the lead manager for this IPO.

Sah Polymer is planning to utilize the funds from its IPO to set up a new manufacturing facility to manufacture a new variant of Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC). Read more about the IPO new launch, IPO price, launch date and GMP here.

The company is also planning to repay/ prepayment of certain secured and unsecured borrowings and to fund the working capital requirements of our Company.

Sah Polymer is engaged in manufacturing and selling Polypropylene (PP)/ High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) FIBC Bags, Woven Sacks, HDPE/PP woven fabrics, woven polymer-based products of different weight, sizes and colors as per customers specifications. It offers bulk packaging solutions to business-to-business (“B2B”) manufacturers. Its products cater to various industries such as Agro-Pesticides Industry, Basic Drug Industry, Cement Industry, Chemical Industry, Fertilizer Industry, Food Products Industry, Textile Industry Ceramic Industry and Steel Industry.

Read more about the company profile of Sah Polymer here. What is the company doing, who is the founder of the company and its financial snapshot.

Sula Vineyard IPO in 2022

Sula Vineyards is a Nasik, Maharashtra based wine manufacturer. The company is coming up with an IPO in 2022. The offer consists of an Offer for sale (OFS) of up to 25,546,186 Equity Shares with a face value of INR 2 for each equity share. Promoters are selling their stake in the company. Kotak Mahindra Capital Company Limited, CLSA India Private Limited, and IIFL Securities Limited are the lead manager in this IPO process. Read more about the IPO new launch, IPO price, launch date and GMP here.

The company will not receive any proceeds of the Offer for Sale. However, the company will get the benefits of listing the Equity Shares on the
Stock Exchanges. That will help the company to raise its brand name and liquidly of its equity shares.

As of March 2021, the company is the India’s largest wine producer and seller in terms of sales volume and value. The company has been consistently gaining market share with 52.6% market share in India in Fiscal 2021. Promoters are clean and have strong experience in the market.

Sula Vineyards is the market leader across all four price segments such as ‘Elite’ (INR 950+), ‘Premium’ (INR 700-950), ‘Economy’ (INR 400- 700) and ‘Popular’ <INR 400 in Fiscal 2021.The company presence in all wine variants, including red, white and sparkling wines.

Read more about the company profile of Sula Vineyards here. What is the company doing, who is the founder of the company and its financial snapshot.