Best 6 consumer products launched recently in India – know what are they

Best 6 consumer products launched

Best 6 consumer products launched in India – The innovation of consumer products is essential as consumers need changes with time. Additionally, new consumer products make the work of consumers effortless and make their life good. Recently we have noticed some amazing products launched by big brands such as Tata group – Titan, Tata consumer, and Tata CLiQ and others. Let us analyse how these new product launch in India makes the lives of consumers easy, effortless and better. How these new product launch companies may perform financially over the same period.

Best 6 consumer products launched in India

Best Consumer Products

Titan Company launched IRTH bags for women

The titan company has launched a new brand IRTH Bags. It is designed specifically for women to elevate their everyday look with premium quality at affordable prices.

IRTH products range from work bags to shoulder bags, tall totes, slings, cross body, clutches, and wallets. It also includes unique categories, Delights, and organizers.

Delight bag is a mom bag as it comes with an insulated milk bottle, water-repellent slots for soiled clothes, and changing mats, and it is hands-free with detachable straps. It will make mom’s life easy by carrying essential items in one place.

At the same time, an Organized bag is a launch to give mobility styling. The IRTH brand considered 90 bags. And 4 organizer bags from which customers can choose their favourite bags.

The market size of girl bag category is approximately Rs 4500 crore in India in 2022. The girls bag market is expected to reach Rs 7500 crore by 2027. Titan can reach Rs 1000 crore in sales by selling IRTH and Fastrack bags in the next five years.

Titan began its watch category business and diversified into other products. The company has recorded a revenue of Rs 8,649 crores compared to Rs 2890 crore in the first quarter of 2022.

Titan owned by Tata group. The company is one of the best companies in India in watches, Jewlery and other consumer products. The company witnessed annual revenue growth of 33.0% outperformed its 3-year CAGR of 13.16%. The total income of the company has increased from INR 21,830.00 in FY2021 to INR 29,033.00 in FY2022.

‌Tata CLiQ Luxury Forays into Jewlery Segment

Tata Cliq is India’s premier luxury brand. Tata CLiQ is an online platform of Tata group that sells consumer product directly to consumers. The company is introducing a new product into the market in the fine jewelry segment. Tata CLiQ will sell the De beers Forevermark brand on its platform. On this platform 9, trending collections will be available in various product categories. Product categories include rings, earrings, bracelets, nose pints, cufflinks, and pendants.

De Beers is a well-known brand in Jewellery segment. The diamond jewellery from the brand provides an Inscription card and grading certificate to customers. Also, the diamond is natural, hand-picked, rare, and responsibly sourced. Tata CliQ has a legacy of 130 years as a diamond brand.

Tata Consumer Products Enters Alternate Meat Segment

Tata consumer products enter into the plant-based meat segment under the new brand name Tata Simply better. The company is targeting customers who are looking for plant-based food for their health with good taste.

A new product launch took place by simply better brand. The company launches four plant-based meat variants product such as follows:

  • Nuggets
  • Burger patty
  • Awadhi Seekh Kebab
  • Spicy fingers.

All plant-based meat is rich in protein, fat-free, with no added preservatives, or artificial flavors with no compromising on the taste. Also, the products will provide consumers with healthier food and sustainable lifestyles with delicious tastes.

Furthermore, refrigerated plant-based products at room temperature and this product is travel friendly.

India’s plant-based meat market is around Rs 300 crore in 2022. The market is estimated to grow over 10 times to reach Rs 3500 crore by 2025. Tata consumer is one of the pioneers in launching this new product in India. The company has a strong brand in consumer product in India. Recent product launches will definitely have strong support to its top line performance.

Health and Glow introducing a new product into the market – H&G Cosmetics Color-Cosmetic Range

The leading omnichannel retail chain Health and glow has launched innovative products and color cosmetics. The new product launches in India in the name of H&G Cosmetics.

In H&G Cosmetics they will offer a fresh assortment of vegan cruelty-free makeup day looks. The brand will revolve around the theme of Work, play, and party.

The feature of the new product launched are

  • 22 shades of liquid lip color
  • 23 shades of a bullet lipstick
  • 2 in 1 foundation stick in 7 shades
  • 3 shades of compact powder
  • Retractable kajal in 5 aesthetic tints

Health and Glow provide a perfect makeup product for Indian skin with the right assortment of shades. Also, all products of H&G Cosmetics are paraben free and dermatologically tested because it ensures consumers that the product is safe for the skin and will not harm them.

India’s cosmetic market will grow at a CAGR of ~4.5% from 2022 to 2077. The color cosmetics makeup market captures a large segment of the Indian market. Further, cruelty-free and vegan beauty product demand is booming in the world, which will affect the Indian market in the future.

The company runs omnichannel sells platforms like Nykaa and Mamaearth. It sells the products of different brands on its platform as well. Nykaa has already listed in India, though it is not performing on the bourses as expected. But, mamaearth has been performing consistently in terms of revenue and is planning to come up with an IPO in early 2023.

Hill Zill Wines launched Pomona hand-crafted wines

Headquartered in Maharashtra, Hill zill creates unique alcoholic beverages with fresh fruits. It has launched handcrafted fruit-flavored wines known as Pomona. Amont the recent product launches in the wine segment, this is one of the best products out of fruits.

The Pomona wines will consider three unique flavors of fruits such as mango, strawberry, and chocolate. It represents the main season of the year. The ripe mangoes in wine will get a summer feel in every sip. Another strawberry flavor will take customers into a luscious strawberry garden in the monsoon. The wines will surely give Christmas.  vibes to winter lovers.

The richness of Pomona wines will provide each person with delicious cocktails. Additionally, its rich aroma provides customers with an ecstatic experience with the drink.

Another winery of Maharashtra – Sula Vineyard – is coming up with its Initial Public Offering in 2023. The market regulator SEBI has already approved its DRHP. Let us see how the company will perform in exchange.

However, with changing culture and lifestyle wine consumption in India likely to increase. Both these companies will benefit from this change.

MuscleBlaze new product Launch Patented MB ProCheck

Muscleblaze is a sports nutrition brand. Out of the company’s recent product launches, this is the first home protein testing Kit, MB Procheck. Also, it is the second patent product that the brand offered.

Due to changing lifestyle in India, Millennials prefer to drink supplements to keep fit and healthy. But it is hard to figure out which protein supplement is fake or real. Fake products have side effects in the long run for young consumers. The impact of fake products is kidney problems and sometimes results in renal failure. However, with the MB Procheck, you can check if protein supplements are authentic and accurate according to the print label.

The NABL-accredited SGS laboratories validate the MB Procheck product which shows that the product is trustworthy.

Out of the new product launch companies, we prefer the above 6 companies at the top to review. Since these products are directly linked to consumers sentiment and come out with innovation, these are my preferred products. Few of the recent product launches have an impact of the stock performance of the Tata group companies like Titan and Tata consumer. Keep an eye on these company’s share in near future.