Companies that had their IPO in 2018 in India | IPO Performance of Companies listed in 2018

Companies that had their IPO in 2018, Performance of IPO of companies listed in 2018, IPO performance over last 5 years
  • Key Highlights
    • About 25 Companies that had their IPO in 2018 in India.
    • Out of company with IPO in 2018, 15 Companies IPOs have given positive return over the last 5 years till now.
    • 10 IPOs returned over 100% during this period despite all ups and down of the market condition.
    • 3 companies have returned more than 200% in last five years.
    • Fine organic Industries is the best IPOs that give good return over last 5 years.
    • Companies that did not perform after the IPO listing after 5 years were not fundamentally strong
    • It is important to understand the fundamentals of the company before investing in the company IPO.

Many Companies that had their IPO in 2018 in India, performed well and many have given negative return over the last 5 years. In this article we will analyse the companies that had given good return over the last 5 years and still have potential for higher return over next 5 years. Companies that had their IPO in 2018, have returned over 100% over the last 5 years after their debut in the stock exchange, have strong fundamentals. Let us discuss in detail with facts.

Best IPOs that give good return over last 5 years

Best IPOs that give good return over last 5 years are – Fine Organic Industries with strong performance and returned about 466% after its debut in stock exchange. If you invested Rs 100,000 during the listing, the total amount now would have Rs566,000. Garden Reach Shipbuilder and Engineers limited has given over 300% return while CreditAccess Grameen returned 190% over the same period. These companies have their unique value proposition, that make them obvious choice of investing. If you want to know more about these companies in detail, please write in comment box.

Companies that did not perform after the IPO listing after 5 years

However, there are many companies that did not perform after the IPO listing after 5 years. These companies have given negative return during the same period. The companies such as Apollo Micro Systems Limited, Indostar capital does not have any unique value proposition in their business. Hence, it is important to understand the company before putting your money.

There are many factors that affect the performance of an IPO of a company. Two most important among these factors are market condition and the performance of the company. In many cases, it is the performance of the company that affect the post performance of the IPO.

Companies that had their IPO in 2018 with Return

Company with IPO in 2018Listing DateIssue Price (Rs)Listing Returns (%)Price After 5 Years
(By 19th May-2023)
After 5 Yrs (%)
Aavas Financiers Limited IPOOct 08, 2018821-5.71,396.0070%
Amber Enterprises India Limited IPOJan 30, 2018859452,093.55144%
Apollo Micro Systems Limited IPOJan 22, 20182756833.85-88%
Aster DM Healthcare Ltd IPOFeb 26, 2018190-4.4254.634%
Bandhan Bank Limited IPOMar 27, 201837527.2237.95-37%
Bharat Dynamics Ltd IPOMar 23, 2018428-6.81,057.05147%
CreditAccess Grameen Limited IPOAug 23, 201842201,221.25189%
Fine Organic Industries Limited IPOJul 02, 20187835,14,434.80466%
Galaxy Surfactants Limited IPOFeb 08, 2018148014.92,612.0077%
Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers Limited IPOOct 10, 2018118-8.6507.00330%
H.G. Infra Engineering Ltd IPOMar 09, 2018270-0.8919.80241%
HDFC Asset Management Company Limited IPOAug 06, 2018110065.11,804.6064%
Hindustan Aeronautics Limited IPOMar 28, 20181215-4.83,073.30153%
ICICI Securities Ltd IPOApr 04, 2018520-14.4492.55-5%
IndoStar Capital Finance Limited IPOMay 21, 20185722.5136.75-76%
IRCON International Limited IPOSep 28, 2018475-10.778.30-84%
Lemon Tree Hotels Limited IPOApr 09, 2018562894.8569%
Mishra Dhatu Nigam Limited IPOApr 04, 2018903.5230.05156%
Newgen Software Technologies Limited IPOJan 29, 20182453617.40152%
RITES Limited IPOJul 02, 201818519.2368.8099%
Sandhar Technologies Limited IPOApr 02, 2018332-3227.25-32%
TCNS Clothing Co. Limited IPOJul 30, 2018716-7.9406.50-43%
Varroc Engineering Limited IPOJul 06, 20189677.3296.65-69%
Companies that had their IPO in 2018

Company with IPO in 2018

  1. HDFC Asset Management Company Ltd.: A leading asset management company in India that offers a wide range of investment products and services to individuals and institutional investors.
  2. Bandhan Bank Ltd.: A commercial bank in India that primarily focuses on serving underbanked and unbanked segments of the population, especially in rural and semi-urban areas.
  3. ICICI Securities Ltd.: A subsidiary of ICICI Bank, ICICI Securities is a leading investment banking and securities firm in India, offering a range of financial services including brokerage, investment advisory, and wealth management.
  4. Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. (HAL): A state-owned aerospace and defense company that designs, develops, and manufactures aircraft, helicopters, engines, and related systems for both military and civilian applications.
  5. Lemon Tree Hotels Ltd.: One of India’s largest hotel chains, Lemon Tree Hotels operates mid-priced and economy hotels across various cities in India, targeting business and leisure travelers.
  6. Fine Organic Industries Ltd.: A specialty chemicals company that manufactures additives for the food, plastic, cosmetics, and rubber industries, providing solutions for improved product performance and functionality.
  7. RITES Ltd. (Rail India Technical and Economic Service): A government-owned engineering consultancy company that specializes in transport infrastructure projects, including railways, urban transport, and ports.
  8. Mishra Dhatu Nigam Ltd. (MIDHANI): A specialized metals and alloys manufacturing company that caters to sectors such as defense, aerospace, and energy, providing high-performance materials and components.
  9. CreditAccess Grameen Ltd.: A microfinance institution that provides financial services to low-income households and self-employed individuals in rural and semi-urban areas, aiming to alleviate poverty through financial inclusion.
  10. IRCON International Ltd.: A public sector construction and infrastructure company that specializes in railways, highways, bridges, and other infrastructure projects, both in India and internationally.
  11. Bharat Dynamics Ltd.: A state-owned defense company engaged in the manufacture of missiles, torpedoes, and defense equipment for the Indian Armed Forces and international customers.
  12. Galaxy Surfactants Ltd.: A specialty chemicals manufacturer that produces a wide range of surfactants, which are key ingredients used in personal care, home care, and industrial applications.
  13. Amber Enterprises India Ltd.: A leading manufacturer of air conditioners and components, providing complete turnkey solutions to major brands in the consumer durables industry.
  14. Sandhar Technologies Ltd.: An auto components manufacturer that produces a diverse range of products such as locks, mirrors, handles, and other automotive systems for two-wheelers, passenger vehicles, and commercial vehicles.
  15. ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Ltd.: One of the largest general insurance companies in India, offering a comprehensive range of insurance products including motor, health, travel, home, and business insurance.
  16. Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers Ltd.: A shipbuilding company involved in the construction of warships, patrol vessels, and auxiliary ships for the Indian Navy, Coast Guard, and other clients.
  17. Aavas Financiers Ltd.: A retail-focused affordable housing finance company that provides home loans and related services to low and middle-income individuals in semi-urban and rural areas.
  18. Montecarlo Ltd.: A construction company primarily engaged in infrastructure development, including roads, highways, bridges, irrigation projects, and water supply schemes.
  19. A.H. Wheeler and Company Ltd.: A prominent retail and distribution company that operates bookstores, newsstands, and other retail outlets in railway stations across India.
  20. Varroc Engineering Limited is an Indian company that specializes in the design, manufacture, and supply of automotive components and systems. The company primarily serves the automotive industry, including original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and Tier 1 suppliers.
  21. TCNS Clothing Co. Limited is an Indian apparel company specializing in women’s ethnic wear. The company designs, manufactures, and markets a wide range of clothing, including sarees, suits, lehengas, and other traditional Indian garments.
  22. Newgen Software Technologies Limited is an Indian software product company that specializes in providing business process management (BPM), enterprise content management (ECM), and customer communication management (CCM) solutions. The company offers a comprehensive suite of software products and services to help organizations streamline their operations, improve productivity, and enhance customer experience.
  23. IndoStar Capital Finance Limited is a non-banking financial company (NBFC) based in India that provides a range of financing solutions to diverse sectors. The company primarily focuses on lending to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), corporate entities, and retail customers.
  24. H.G. Infra Engineering Ltd is an Indian infrastructure construction company primarily engaged in the execution of road and highway projects. The company specializes in the construction, development, and maintenance of roads, bridges, flyovers, tunnels, and other transportation-related infrastructure.

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