Should you invest in dividends stocks for a passive income: Learn detail

Investing in stocks for dividend

Investing in stocks for dividend is good if you are looking for passive income. If you are working somewhere and do not have much time to look at your investment, then investing in dividend stocks is always a welcome step. This is a great investment strategy for all who are looking to get a safe inflow of cash every quarter or year. Dividend investing is the best way to a regular income and also gain from capital appreciation while increasing the price of those stocks.

Passive income is always an enticing idea. But most important is its implementation. Investing in dividend stocks is a lucrative idea. However, it is difficult to choose the right stock to invest in and the highest dividend-paying stocks for the long term. Investing in the best monthly dividend stocks that give decent income as a dividend and price appreciation as well, maybe even be a better idea.

Investing in stocks for dividend: How to Pick Dividend Stocks when You are First Starting Out

Regular income from dividend stock investing is always a strategy for generating passive income from your investments. Dividend investing simply buying stocks directly on the stock market or through mutual funds that pay regular dividends. That makes you receive a regular income from your investments. In addition, any price appreciation of that stock will also help investors to get a compounded return from that investment. This helps retired people who want to invest their savings for a good monthly income.

There are two ways of investing in dividend stocks. The easiest way is to invest through mutual funds. Many fund houses offer to invest in dividend funds with monthly income. DSP equity opportunities fund dividend is one of the best funds for a good return.

The second way to invest is by buying stocks directly from the market and keeping it in your portfolio for the long term and getting paid regular dividends. The best way to invest in this way is to choose the right stocks for investment.

As the first step in this direction is to compile a list of stocks with high and stable dividend payouts. The easiest way to get those stock names is to search for any mutual fund website and find their dividend portfolio. Choose the best stocks and invest. You can also look for those portfolio stocks on the Money control site.

However, you need to analyze each company to see whether they are fit to invest for the next five years or so. Paying a strong dividend in the past does not mean that the company will keep on paying the same dividend. Again, even if the company pays dividends but its stock price is depreciating, then there is no point in investing in those stocks. For example, coal India. Though it is a dividend-paying stock, the stock price has not appreciated for a long time. Hence, buying dividend stocks is a popular approach for investors but is difficult to implement.

How Dividend Investing benefits as a passive income

Large companies usually pay dividends regularly. Once chosen the company, you do not have to pay attention to the stock price movement regularly. Usually, those companies’ stock prices move very slowly and steadily.

Dividend investing is also lucrative as it gives a better return than fixed deposits. Many companies also pay quarterly dividends and some choose to pay in six months or annually. However, when both the share price appreciation and the dividend are added together you are getting a high yield than the other forms of passive income.

Reinvesting the dividend in the same stock or other better opportunities

Dividend reinvesting is also another way to get higher benefits out of the same investment. When an investor invests the dividend in the same stock to enhance its capital investment is called dividend reinvesting.

This will help to avoid capital gains taxes on dividends. The reinvesting of dividends will also allow the compounding machine to work well and generate a decent income in the end. Over a long period, this investment gives a much more stable earning and helps in early retirement.

Can Dividend stocks replace the regular working income?

I would say no, to get a decent and regular income for living, you need to invest a huge amount of capital to generate an income that you could live on. This investment is different from the income of active stock market participants. We are here discussing dividend investing as a part of passive income.

Many factors influence dividend income. Factors like company internal growth, strategy, and competition for the company will directly influence the final dividend. Similarly, international factors such as geo-political tension, international crude oil prices, and unforeseen events such as COVID or war will harm the dividend return.

How to Invest in Dividend Stocks directly

  • For investing directly in the dividend stocks on the share market you must have the following criteria filled in.
    • You must have a brokerage or Demat account and a bank account in a nationalized bank.
    • Connect the Demat account with the bank account for a smooth transition.
    • Choosing the right stocks for your investment – there are various ways to choose the stocks that we will discuss separately.
    • Invest for the long term and reinvest the dividend for better capital appreciation.

Best dividend-paying stocks

Though we will discuss the top dividend-paying stocks in a separate post, I would like to highlight a few ideas that can generate a good dividend in 2023. A few top stocks that I prefer to invest in for dividends are GAIL (India) Ltd, Hindustan Zinc Ltd, Vedanta, Indus Towers Ltd, Tata Steel Ltd, Bajaj Auto Ltd, Polyplex, HCL Technology, ITC, Heromoto Corp. We will discuss these stocks in a separate post.

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