New Company in share market to invest in India

New Company in share market

New Company in share market to invest in India. Investing in the stock market is always a daunting task. While investing in established companies often creates wealth with lower risk, it is important not to overlook the potential opportunities that new companies in share market through Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) can offer.

New Company in Share Market through IPO

With potential economic growth in India, many new companies are coming up to equity market to raise funds for their growth. Initial public offering is the process by which a private company becomes a publicly traded company by offering its shares to the general public for the first time. This allows the company to raise capital and expand its operations.

New Company in Share Market 2024

Company NameIPO TypeListing DateIssue PriceTotal Subs
Gabriel Pet StrapsSME07-Feb-24₹ 101246.26x
Baweja StudiosSME06-Feb-24₹ 1802.53x
BLS E-ServicesMain board06-Feb-24₹ 135162.47x
Mayank Cattle FoodSME05-Feb-24₹ 1088.89x
DocMode Health TechnologiesSME02-Feb-24₹ 79201.88x
Harshdeep HorticoSME02-Feb-24₹ 4596.36x
Megatherm InductionSME02-Feb-24₹ 108182.4x
DelaplexSME01-Feb-24₹ 192165.2x
Fonebox RetailSME01-Feb-24₹ 70613.3x
Brisk TechnovisionSME30-Jan-24₹ 15644.8x
Nova AgritechMain board30-Jan-24₹ 41109.37x
Euphoria Infotech IndiaSME29-Jan-24₹ 100364.71x
Addictive Learning TechnologySME29-Jan-24₹ 140245.34x
EPack DurablesMain board29-Jan-24₹ 23016.37x
Konstelec EngineersSME29-Jan-24₹ 70317.87x
Qualitek LabsSME25-Jan-24₹ 10056.01x
Medi Assist Healthcare ServicesMain board22-Jan-24₹ 41816.25x
MaxposureSME22-Jan-24₹ 33904.86x
Shree Marutinandan TubesSME19-Jan-24₹ 14344.86x
Australian Premium Solar IndiaSME18-Jan-24₹ 54431.82x
New Swan MultitechSME18-Jan-24₹ 66356.91x
IBL FinanceSME16-Jan-24₹ 5116.18x
Jyoti CNC AutomationMain board16-Jan-24₹ 33138.53x
Kaushalya LogisticsSME08-Jan-24₹ 75364.18x
Kay Cee Energy & InfraSME05-Jan-24₹ 54959.53x
Manoj CeramicSME03-Jan-24₹ 628.6x
Shri Balaji Valve ComponentsSME03-Jan-24₹ 100276.52x
HRH Next ServicesSME03-Jan-24₹ 3662x
Akanksha Power and InfrastructureSME03-Jan-24₹ 55108.93x
AIK Pipes And PolymersSME02-Jan-24₹ 8941.43x
Sameera Agro And InfraSME01-Jan-24₹ 1802.82x
New company in share market 2024

Why review a New Company in share market to invest in?

While investing in established companies may be a safer option, there are several reasons why investors should also consider new companies entering the Indian share market:

  • Growth Potential: New companies often offer higher growth potential compared to established ones. These companies are in the development stage of their business cycle. Usually, these new companies come with innovative ideas. If the product or services of the company have a strong motto and good business models that can lead to rapid expansion. Investing in companies with strong corporate governance and good promoters, investors can tap into this growth potential and potentially earn higher returns on their investment.
  • Undervalued Stocks: Most of these companies that go public through an IPO, often come with lower valuation or lower prices than their true value. This undervaluation offers opportunities for investors to purchase shares at a lower price. This helps investors to benefit from the potential growth of the company.
  • Diversification: Investing in new companies can provide diversification to an investor’s portfolio.
  • Early Access to Innovation: New companies are often at the forefront of innovation, introducing disruptive technologies and business models.
  • Support for the Indian Economy: Investing in new companies is not only a means of personal financial growth but also a way to contribute to the growth of the Indian economy.

Investing in a New Company in Share Market

While investing in new companies recently listed in the stock market can be rewarding, it is important to do thorough research before investing in these stocks. Here are a few considerations for investors:

  • QIB subscription during the IPO Process: This data is easily available with little effort. However, this data point says a lot about the company you want to consider for investing. QIB refers to qualified institutional buyers are big institutions that do proper due diligence before bidding for the IPO. If the QIB portion of the IPO is higher, the company has a lot of growth potential. Read this data carefully before investing in the new company in share market.
  • Research and Due Diligence: Analyze the business model, management team, financials, and growth prospects of the company. Assess the company’s competitive advantage and potential risks.
  • Long-Term Perspective: Investing in new companies requires a long-term perspective. It takes time for these companies to establish themselves, grow their operations, and generate profits. Understand the company along with the sector growth potential before investing.
  • Risk Assessment: Investing in new companies carries inherent risks. These companies may face challenges in scaling their operations, attracting customers, or achieving profitability.

Final Word

Investing in a new company in share market through IPOs or post-IPO can provide investors with unique opportunities for growth and diversification. By carefully considering the growth potential, valuation, and early access to innovation, investors can make informed decisions about including new companies in their investment portfolios. However, it is essential to conduct thorough research, have a long-term perspective, and assess the risks involved to make prudent investment choices.

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