5 Excellent Mid-Cap Companies To Invest In 2023

Let us find out who are they and why?

Mankind Pharma Limited is the fourth largest pharmaceutical company in terms of Domestic Sales in FY 2022 in India.

A  leading multinational engineering and technology solutions company from India.

With over 15000 employees working worldwide in over 19 countries, the stock is good for long term investment.

Fine Organic Industries is one of the fastest-growing and innovative Specialty companies in India.

Invest in this stock for long term

Learn Detailed Analysis here

Tata Motors, often known for its high performance and value for money, is one of the best manufacturers of passenger cars and commercial vehicles in India and globally as well.

Good investment for long term

Learn more about the stock here

Samvardhana Motherson is one of the finest company in auto component segment

It is one of the major beneficiary in electric vehicle market expansion

Keep this stock in your portfolio for long term gain

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