A Bull Market for Pharma Stocks? Get the Best Nifty Pharma Stocks List

Nifty Pharma Stocks List, Best Nifty Pharma Stocks List India

Let us find out the Best Nifty Pharma Stocks List India.

The Indian pharmaceutical industry is one of the big industries domestically as well as globally. Indian pharma is mainly a provider of generic drugs with rising ambitions in innovation. The global pharmaceutical market size was estimated at USD 1,483 billion in 2022. The global pharma market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.12% from 2023 to 2030.

India has been a major player in generic drugs, over-the-counter medications, bulk drugs, contract research & manufacturing, biosimilars, and biologics, and vaccines globally. The COVID-19 crisis helped the Indian pharma industry to rank higher globally.  The Indian Pharmaceutical industry is currently ranked third in pharmaceutical production by volume.  

Nifty Pharma Stocks List

India has around 500 API producers that make up around 8% of the worldwide API market and supply 50% of the global demand for various vaccines. The country also has the greatest number of pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities that comply with the US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA).

Indian pharmaceutical market is estimated to reach US$ 130 billion in value by the end of 2030 at a CAGR of 10% from 2024. As the “pharmacy of the world” due to the low cost and high quality of its medicines, the Indian pharmaceutical industry includes a network of 3,000 drug companies and ~10,500 manufacturing units.

Nifty Pharma Stocks Weightage in Nifty 50 Index

Among different sectors contributing to the Nifty fifty index, the weightage of the healthcare or pharma segment is 4.31%. Other major constituents of Nifty Stocks weightage are Financial Services contributes 33%, information technology contributes 14.18%, and oil and gas contribute 12.67%. The FMCG sector contributes 8.78% while construction contributes 4,33% before the healthcare sector contribution. Other sectors’ contribution is smaller than the above. See the full list of sector contributions to the Nifty Index weightage in the below chart.

nifty pharma stocks weightage, nifty stocks weightage

Nifty Pharma Stocks Weightage

Nifty pharma index is the constituents of the major 21 stocks that contribute to the pharma index. As per the Nifty pharma stocks weightage sunpharma and DrReddy carries higher weightage of 25.47% and 12.39% respectively followed by Cipla, Divislab, and Lupin with 11.79%, 7.78%, and 6.04%.

Here is the complete list of nifty pharma stocks weightage

nifty pharma stocks weightage

nifty pharma stocks weightage with Company list

Nifty Pharma Stocks List India Weightage

Pharma Stocks ListNifty Pharma Stocks Weightage (%)Market Cap
ROCE (%)ROE (%)P/EDebt
EPS1 Year
Sun Pharmaceutical Ltd25.57359,80416.416.638.430.327.0049.01
Cipla Ltd11.791,14,66118.012.829.040.0031.3537.71
Dr Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd12.3910275526.7321.619.650.00157.338.73
Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd3.8589,54919.820.062.520.7131.0772.25
Gland Pharma Ltd2.2532,90714.710.841.80.0047.1252.75
Abbott India Ltd2.2960,04941.131.652.40.0044634.62
Alkem Laboratories Ltd4.1763,50313.712.142.30.1394.8873.03
Zydus Lifesciences Ltd3.281,18415.013.726.00.3515.0667.29
Aurobindo Pharma Ltd5.3858,7469.207.4724.90.2321.00139.48
Lupin Ltd6.0473,1705.733.3340.80.039.35113.80
Laurus Labs2.4921,12222.821.41120.4914.6917.64
Mankind Pharma86,84820.717.052.70.0031.16

Best Nifty Pharma Stocks List

Pharma Stocks ListMarket Cap
ROCE (%)ROE (%)P/EDebt
EPS1 Year
Sun Pharmaceutical Ltd359,80416.416.638.430.327.0049.01
Cipla Ltd1,14,66118.012.829.040.0031.3537.71
Dr Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd10275526.7321.619.650.00157.338.73
Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd89,54919.820.062.520.7131.0772.25
Gland Pharma Ltd32,90714.710.841.80.0047.1252.75
Abbott India Ltd60,04941.131.652.40.0044634.62
Alkem Laboratories Ltd63,50313.712.142.30.1394.8873.03
Zydus Lifesciences Ltd81,18415.013.726.00.3515.0667.29
Aurobindo Pharma Ltd58,7469.207.4724.90.2321.00139.48
Lupin Ltd73,1705.733.3340.80.039.35113.80
Mankind Pharma86,84820.717.052.70.0031.16
Sanofi India20,54141.430.035.80.00269.4766.71

What is nifty pharma stocks list?

Please see the detailed list of Nifty Pharma Stocks list with their market cap and other technical parameters here.

What is nifty pharma stocks weightage?

The detailed weightage of nifty pharma stocks are given here with their other technical parameters to help you to understand the pharma stocks list in India.

What is Nifty Pharma Index?

Nifty Pharma is an index that includes Indian companies which are into the production and distribution of pharmaceutical products and healthcare services.

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