52 week high stocks with strong momentum and Fundamentals

52 week high stocks with strong momentum

52 week high stocks with strong momentum

Stocks at 52 week high from their lows are considered one of the best stocks to trade in. However, few stocks are operator-driven and run very fast to reach their 52 week high, those are not good stocks for retail investors. It is important to understand the fundamentals of the company and the momentum of the stocks before investing. It is not necessary that all the 52 week high breakout stocks are good to invest. Let us find out which are those 52 week high stocks with strong momentum and fundamentals.

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Identifying 52 week high stocks with strong momentum

52 week high breakout stocks is the measure of the stock that reaches the highest stock prices within the last 52 weeks or one year. Here is the list of 52 week high stocks that are about to reach their 52-week highs. While choosing these stocks with 52 week high, we have considered the companies with over 500 crore market cap, and a closing stock price above INR 50. While analyzing these stocks, we also included other momentum indicators such as RSI, Super trend, and volume to come out with the final list.

This is not financial advice, please speak with your financial advisor before investing. Also, do research on the company before finalizing any stock to invest. This is an indicative list of 52 week high stocks with strong momentum that may help you to get some ideas.

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New 52 Week High Stocks (15-04-2024)

Stock NameSymbolSector NameIndustry NameMCap CategoryNew 52 Week High
Hindustan Zinc LimitedHINDZINCNon – Ferrous MetalsMetal – Non FerrousLarge Cap437.8
Hindustan Aeronautics LtdHALOtherDefenceLarge Cap3677.55
Petronet Lng LimitedPETRONETIndustrials Gases & FuelsIndustrial  Gases & FuelsMid Cap315.2
Eicher Motors LimitedEICHERMOTAutomobile & AncillariesAutomobile Two & Three WheelersLarge Cap4382.8

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52 Week High List

52 Week High Stocks NameStock Symbol
Latest Price
The Federal Bank LimitedFEDERALBNK149.85
Tata Coffee LimitedTATACOFFEE269.75
Sun Pharmaceuticals
Industries Limited
Sanofi India LimitedSANOFI7754.35
Indusind Bank LimitedINDUSINDBK1498.8
Healthcare Global
Enterprises Limited
Gillette India LimitedGILLETTE6373.35
Balrampur Chini Mills LimitedBALRAMCHIN437.5
Axis Bank LimitedAXISBANK1029.2
Update Each Sunday – Last updated 12-11-2023
52 week high breakout stocks

What is 52 week high breakout stocks

Stock markets tend to have an upward bias, meaning that a stock reaching a new 52 week high is a bullish indicator. When a stock hits a fresh 52 week high, many traders are eager to buy in and ride the upward momentum. However, these high-flying stocks are also more susceptible to volatility from profit-taking, which can lead to pullbacks.

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Despite the risks, new 52-week highs can be useful for trading strategies. For example, traders may look to buy when a stock breaks above its 52-week high or set stop orders just below this level. Although counterintuitive to some newer investors, seasoned traders know that surpassing the 52-week range shows strong momentum.

Additionally, crossing into a new 52-week high is associated with a spike in trading volume, especially for small and mid-cap stocks rather than large caps. Overall, 52-week highs provide insight into market sentiment and potential areas of support and resistance.

Let us find out how to find out 52 week high breakout stocks with momentum and strong fundamentals using Chartlink free screener. Use the below code in Chartlink to find out stocks with 52 week high. It is easy. Happy investing !!!

( {cash} ( weekly max ( 8 , weekly high ) >= weekly max ( 52 , weekly high ) and latest close <= latest ema ( latest close , 50 ) * 1.05 and latest close >= latest ema ( latest close , 200 ) * 1 and market cap >= 500 and latest close >= 50 and latest rsi ( 14 ) > 60 and weekly close >= weekly supertrend ( 10 , 3 ) ) )

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Frequently Asked Question

What is 52 Week High Stocks

The stocks which price reached their previous 52 week high in recent run up.

Why 52 Week High Stocks are important

The stocks that reach 52 Week High have strong fundamentals and momentum. These stocks are very important for further study for momentum investors.

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