The Truth About SEBI Registered Telegram Channel for Stock Market Success

SEBI registered Telegram channel

SEBI Registered Telegram Channel is it a scam or there is any genuine channel. Let us find out.

SEBI  has  been  undertaking  several  campaigns including  Press  Releases to aware and educate the investors to be vigilant about the fraudsters. Investors must be careful while taking investment decisions based on stock tips.

In the past, investors were induced through SMS to invest in or purchase the stocks of certain listed companies. During the covid19 period, millions of people started participating in the stock market to invest based on the tips from the unauthorized financial advisors. Thousands of telegram channels opened like mom-and-pop groceries. However, many of these are not SEBI registered telegram channels.

In the name of good return through free advice, fraudsters lure you and take your hard-earned money effortlessly. Social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, WhatsApp, YouTube, and LinkedIn are among the most popular tools or platforms used by investors or prospective investors to gather information and reach out to them directly.

The Truth about SEBI Registered Telegram Channel

Fraudsters are using telegram channels in the name of SEBI registered telegram channel with fake screenshots of huge profit to lure retail investors.

The so-called SEBI registered telegram channel administrators with a large subscriber base enticed the subscribers to act upon recommendations that were circulated on the

Channel. These administrators built substantial positions in these scrips prior to the circulation. Once retail investors started taking positions in the scrip, these fraudsters start offloading their positions slowly and subsequent to rise in price of these scrips making significant profits at the expense of unsuspecting investors.

SEBI registered research analyst telegram channel list

Below is a small list of SEBI registered research analyst telegram channel. You may refer these channels. I would prefer to go with the one who has the registered number clearly mentioned on their channel. Join the channel and look for the registration number, usually at the description of the channel, then learn about the stock.

However, it is always advisable to do your own research or take advise from your financial advisor before putting your money in any stock based on the tips from these channels. Hope this helps. Please comment on the box about your view.

Channel NameSEBI Registered Telegram ChannelAnalyst Name/
Reg No.
SubscribersIs it Free
FinbergSEBI Registered RAINH00001067215.7KFreemium
Power of StocksNot SEBI Registered RASubasish Pani373KFree
LIVE Trading TricksNot SEBI Registered RAPuneeth shetty1.82KFree
StockX @stockX_Premium_botSEBI Registered RA35.4KFree
Stock GainersSEBI Registered RAKapil Verma96.8KFree
STOCKS TIMESEBI Registered RAAshish Kumar18.2KFree
Stockpro Online @stockproteamSEBI Registered RADr Seema Jain204KPremium
Chase AlphaSEBI Registered IAINA00001684337.7KFree
Equity99SEBI Registered IAINA00000535814.5KFree
Financial Independence Services & Neha0103SEBI Registered IAINA10000893917.8KPremium
SMT™SEBI Registered RAVLA Ambala135KPremium
Eqwires Research AnalystSEBI Registered RAINH00000746513.7KPremium
Stockbox TradingSEBI Registered RAINH10000879936KFreemium
abhayvarnSEBI Registered RACA Abhay Kumar INH300008465″46.KFreemium
DELTA Trading – deltatrading1SEBI Registered RAINH00001024743.7KFreemium
Stock Wizard – @stockwizarddSEBI Registered RA14.7KFreemium
A1 Free IntradaySEBI Registered IAINA00000741011KFree
SharesNservicesSEBI Registered RAShri Rajesh B Shah I.C.W.A32KPremium
PATELWEALTHSEBI Registered IAINZ00001843294.3KFree
SEBI registered research analyst telegram channel list

Is there any genuine SEBI Registered Telegram Channel

SEBI does not approve any telegram channels to circulate stock tips. I did not find any SEBI registered telegram channel list on the market regulator website, through different lists of BEST SEBI registered telegram channel list is available through some blog sites in the public domain.

There are 1000’s of channels on telegram which provides advises in different segments like Equity cash, Futures and Options etc. The question is who are genuine and which is the best channel which has good accuracy.

I also found similar activities in the social media channel Quora where users are promoting some telegram channels in the name of “Best SEBI registered telegram channel”. But the irony is, one user posts several SEBI registered telegram channel names in the same post with same content. This is a clear sign of fraud.

How to find genuine Best SEBI Registered Telegram Channel for Stocks

It is important to understand the channel with caution and conduct a thorough research before subscribing to any Telegram channel. Again, it is not advisable to rely on stock market advice or recommendations through any of the social media.

However, there are many SEBI registered research analyst and SEBI registered PMS or SEBI registered investment advisors who runs telegram channels for help their investors. These may also be called SEBI registered telegram channel. These are not free to public.

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However, while choosing the Best SEBI registered telegram channel, it is important to choose the Best SEBI registered research analyst telegram channel or BEST SEBI registered investment advisors before putting your money based on the stock tips from these channels.

Criteria to choose Best SEBI registered telegram channel

Consider the following criteria while looking for stock market-related information on any SEBI registered telegram channel:

  • Do research on the reputation and credibility of the research analyst of investment advisor behind the telegram channel. Many times, fraudsters use fake profitable trade screenshots to lure investors. It is important to look for channels that have a good reputation and are known for providing reliable and accurate information and backed by a reputed institution. Read customer reviews, seek recommendations from trusted sources before investing.
  • While doing research on Best SEBI registered telegram channel, you must look for the expertise and qualifications of the person or institutions behind this channel. Consider their experience, qualifications, and knowledge of the stock market while evaluate the credentials and expertise of the individuals or teams behind the Telegram channel.
  • Look for channels that are transparent about their strategies, methodologies, and performance. Genuine SEBI registered telegram channel put their registration number on the channel itself. It is important to have access to the registered number and cross check the number for a clear and concise information about the channel’s track record and any conflicts of interest.
  • Before putting your money, it is also important to review the quality of analysis and insights. In the premium version of the telegram channels, look for channels that offer well-reasoned analysis, comprehensive market coverage, and updates that align with your investment goals and trading style.
  • Best SEBI registered telegram channel provides reliable and appropriate risk disclosures, highlighting the inherent risks associated with investing in the stock market.

At the end, it is most important to note that successful investing requires individual research, due diligence, and a detailed understanding of the company or scrip or asset where you are investing. It should match with one’s own risk tolerance and investment objectives. It is advisable to follow SEBI registered telegram channel to get the information about the stocks but do not put your hard-earned money in the stock before doing a detailed analysis of yourself.  

Top 5 SEBI registered telegram channel

Though I am not recommending any telegram channel to follow blind and I do not follow or invest based on any tips from any SEBI registered telegram channels. I do my research both fundamental and technical analysis before investing in the stock.

As a disclaimer here, I am not SEBI registered hence do not give any advice on any stock. But I would love to follow SEBI registered analyst telegram channel to get stock ideas before doing my own research. Below are top 5 SEBI registered telegram channel that I follow. Few of them are freemium and a few are only premium. Do your own analysis before trusting these channels.

Why these SEBI registered telegram channel unique

  • No over trading. Just 1–2 trades on daily basis
  • Admin posts calls every morning between 9.15–10 so that you get free by 10.
  • All the guidance on entry and exits are always provides.
  • A few are free channels

This is not recommendation but I used to follow the below for my own knowledge. You may choose any one of the top 5 SEBI registered telegram channel that I follow.

SEBI registered telegram channel List I am Observing

  • Finberg (SEBI Reg. RA)
  • StockX (SEBI Reg. RA)
  • Patel Wealth

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