Link Intime (Linkintime) IPO Status: 5 Steps to Find IPO Allotment Status

IPO Allotment Status, Link Intime IPO Status

Link Intime IPO Status

The registrar plays a crucial role in the IPO processing by ensuring the smooth and efficient handling of applications, allotment of shares, and refund distribution. They act as an independent intermediary between the issuing company and the investors. They are safeguarding the interests of both parties. The registrar has a major role in informing investors about the status of their IPO applications. If the IPO is allotted to the investor or not.

Each registrar of the IPO has published the status of the IPO after the IPO process is completed. The market regulator SEBI must refund the IPO payment in 4 working days if the IPO is not allotted to the investor.

For investors who receive partial or no allotment, the registrar promptly processes refunds through electronic clearing services (ECS) or cheques. They maintain accurate records of refunds and ensure timely disbursements.

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Let us understand the steps to get Linkintime IPO Status.

Link Intime is one of the best registrars that maintain records of investors and keep them informed about the IPO allotment status on their website. You as an investor need to keep a record of your PAN number, Application number, and DP Client ID.

Most of the time, after applying for the IPO, investors, particularly retail investors keep themselves busy in office work on business. Hence, they might not have the PAN card handy to check the IPO allotment status. Nothing to worry about, you can use either of the above three numbers – PAN number, Application number, or DP Client ID – to get the Link intime IPO Status from the Link intime IPO website.

Here is the step-by-step guide to getting Linkintime IPO Status for IPO allotment of any IPO in which Link intime is involved as a registrar. There are also other registrars such as kfintech and others who are involved in the IPO process as registrars. We will discuss them in a separate post.

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  • Step 1: Keep either of the documents handy with you before opening the “link Intime IPO allotment status section” on its website. The documents are either PAN number, Application number, or DP Client ID.
  • Step 2: Open the website or link Intime IPO allotment status section. Here is the direct link for “Link Intime IPO allotment status”.
  • Step 3: Choose which document from the above list is with you. Click on that section on the page.
  • Step 4: Select the IPO name from the drop-down menu
  • Step 5: Put the required or asked document number to get your IPO allotment status. Hit the “Search” button.
Link Intime IPO Status, LinkIntime IPO Status

How do I check my IPO status on Link Intime? This is an important question for any retail investor or the beginners who is just starting his/ her investment journey in primary market. Let me share an example on how to reach your goal to get link intime ipo allotment status on its website.

For example, recently IREDA IPO completed the IPO process and you might be interested to know the status of your IPO allotment. Let us see link intime ipo allotment status on its website. After reaching the website (The direct link is given above) I clicked on the DP Client ID and clicked on the drop-down menu. Two recent IPOs where Link Intime was involved as registrar popped up. I have selected India Renewable Energy Development Agency Limited for the IPO box and then filled in the DP Client ID. Then hit the Search button just below the DP Client ID box to get the IPO allotment Status.

All the best for your allotment.

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