What are the upcoming IPOs in 2023?

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Upcoming IPOs recommendations

India as an economy is bullish for next 10 to 15 years with its demographic dividends – young population, supportive Government policies and lot of potentials across industries for startups and existing companies. Companies are coming up with Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) through fresh issue or Offer for Sale to raise funds to meet their expansion plan or to reduce debt. That benefits the overall economy, Individual companies as well as public participants in upcoming IPOs.

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SEBI approved Upcoming IPOs 2023

Upcoming IPOs List 2023 will be updated more often

SEBI approved
Upcoming IPOs 2023
Issue Size
Issue Size
(Fresh Issue in ₹
in ₹
JSW Infrastructure2,800.002Sept 25 to Sept 27, 2023
Updater Services₹240.00 Cr400.00 10Sept 25 to Sept 27, 2023
Valiant Laboratories152.46 10Sept 27 to Oct 03, 2023
Plaza Wires Ltd71.28 10September 29, 2023 to October 4, 2023
Tata Play3000 Crore2023
Tata Technologies2023
BIBA Fashion Ltd90 Crore2.77 102023
Honasa Consumer Limited
400 Crore1500 102023
Indegene3200 2023
Survival Technologies1000 2023
Cyient DLM592 2023Listed
ideaForge IPO4,869,712
equity shares
300 Listed
Sahajanand Medical Technologies1,500 2023
Inspira Enterprise India800 2023
ESAF Small Finance Bank997.8 2023
Popular Vehicles and Services150 2023
One MobiKwik Systems1,900 2023
Fincare Small Finance Bank1,330 2023
Skanray Technologies400 2023
Penna Cement1,550 2023Listed
Le Travenues Technology (Ixigo)1,600 2023
Oravel Stays (OYO)8,400 2023
71.28 10September 29, 2023 to October 4, 2023
Hemani Industries Ltd1500 Crore500 52023
Utkarsh Small Finance Bank500 102023Listed
SSKL IPO18,048,440
Equity Shares
600 22023Listed
IndiaFirst Life Insurance (IFLI)1,41,299,422
equity shares
500 2023
Hexagon Nutrition30,113,918
equity shares
100 12023
Deltatech Gaming limited250 crores300 12023
Aprameya Engineering Limited50,00,000
equity share
Navi Technologies Limited3350 102023Listed
Mankind Pharma IPO40,058,844
equity shares
Lohia Corp Ltd IPO31,695,000
equity shares
SEBI approved Upcoming IPOs 2023

Which IPOs to Invest in?

However, all the companies that are raising funds through IPOs are not strong fundamentally and financially. Some companies may not be strong enough due to lack of strong leadership. It is our endeavor to provide you with proper guidance to learn about the upcoming IPOs details along with the analysis about the company fundamentals, financials and leadership team before investing. We provide detailed insights about these upcoming IPOs in separate posts on IPOs to invest in.

Also read SEBI approved upcoming IPOs recommendations or IPO coming up here. In the “Upcoming IPOs Review” section, we analyze – financial, fundamentals, product portfolio, and leadership team for each company coming up with IPO to share all insights on which IPOs to invest in.

SEBI approved IPOs in December 2022

SEBI IPO List Dec-2022 IPOs to Invest inIssue Size
Issue Size
(Fresh Issue)
IPO Price
₹ per share
KFin Technologies IPOSEBI approved40,983,607
Equity Shares
Nil10347 to 36619 – 21 Dec
Sula Vineyards IPOSEBI approved25,546,186
Equity Shares
Nil2340 – 35712 – 14 Dec
Abans HoldingsSEBI approved90,00,000
Equity Shares
Equity Shares
2256 – 27012 – 15 Dec
Landmark CarsSEBI approvedINR 612 CroreINR 150 Crore5481 – 50613 – 15 Dec
Signature Global IPOSEBI approvedINR 250 CroreINR 750 Crore1Dec-2022
Uniparts India LimitedSEBI approved15,731,942
Equity Shares
10548 to 57730-Nov
02- Dec
SEBI approved IPOs

IPO Review GMP and Process for Company in India

When a company is owned by a private individual or a group of individual founders or investors, it is called a private company. All the decisions about the company are taken by individual promoters or investors.

A public company simply means a company owned by the public. It is a company that sold its registered shares to the general public while listed on any stock exchange of any country. The first step for any private company to convert itself to a public company is through Initial public offerings (IPOs).

Initially, a company runs as a private company funded by an individual or group of promoters, venture capital firms, banks, or any other investors. However, listing in an exchange through IPO helps the company to build its brand, and get easy funds without paying interest. Sometimes, promoters come up with offers for sales (OFS) just to reduce their stakes or investors’ stakes in the company and enhance the company’s brand by listing it on the stock exchanges. This process is known as the Initial public offering process. Each country follows certain rules or procedures to accomplish IPOs. India has its market regulator known as SEBI while the USA market is regularly known as SEC.

Before companies get listed on the stock exchanges and traded publicly, they have to come up with an Initial Public Offering (IPO). The process of getting a company IPO approved by the market regulator is easy but strict. Let us discuss a few steps below about the process of IPO.

Step 1: The company appoints investment bankers/underwriters

Investment bankers or underwriters are financial experts who help the company to carry out the IPO process. They act as intermediaries between the company and the investors. They will study the financial parameters of the company and suggest the number of funds to be raised through IPOs, the price band per equity, and other IPO details of the security being issued.

Step 2: SEBI approved IPOs: The company registration with market regulator

The investment bank and the company prepare a registration statement and a draft prospectus known as DRHP or draft red herring prospectus and submit it with SEBI. This document consists of all the IPO details about the company such as its business, financial details, promoters, management, competitors, customers, and geographical presence of the business.

The documents also talk about the purpose of the IPO – if it is a fresh issue or offer for sale or a combination of both. This is an important document for retail investors to understand about the company before investing.

Once the company has to submit Red Herring Prospectus (RHP) with the Registrar of Companies at least 3 days before the offer is opened to the public for bidding. Once the IPO bidding is closed, the company has to submit the final prospectus to both ROC and SEBI.

Step 3: SEBI Verify the documents

Market regulator SEBI verifies documents submitted for any error or discrepancy in the document. Once the company gets SEBI approval for IPO documents, the company can fix and announce a date and price for its IPO bidding. The IPO bidding opens for the public for 3 to 5 working days.

Step 4: Application to exchanges

The company also applies to the stock exchanges where it is planning to be listed.

Step 5: IPO allotments

The IPO shares are allotted to bidders within 10 days of the last date of bidding.

IPO Review GMP

As a retail investor, we always look for the GMP of upcoming IPOs before investing in that IPO coming up. However, IPO GMP is just an indicator of the market sentiment for that company or IPO. It does not indicate the fundamentals or intrinsic value of the company. It is important to understand the fundamentals of the IPO coming up. We help you to understand the company with fundamental analysis with our IPO Review section.

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