Best Green hydrogen electrolyzer manufacturers in India

electrolyzer manufacturers in india
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The role of electrolyzer manufacturers in India is pivotal to becoming a net energy exporter country. The buzzword in the energy segment now is “Green hydrogen is the future energy”. To produce green hydrogen, we need an electrolyzer. Since this is a new concept in India, we do not have many well-known electrolyzer manufacturers. Let us discuss in detail what is electrolyzer and who are the electrolyzer manufacturers in India.

What is an electrolyzer?

An electrolyzer is a device that helps in generating hydrogen and oxygen from the water through the use of electricity. Hydrogen electrolyzers are used to produce hydrogen from water through a chemical process called electrolysis. The process of electrolysis splits water into two i.e. hydrogen and oxygen. This process is critical to producing green hydrogen as it uses electricity produced from renewable energy sources. Over the past few years, the Electrolysis capacity for dedicated hydrogen production has been growing.

Global Electrolyzer Market

Despite a slowdown in 2022, the global electrolyzer manufacturing capacity increased by more than 25% over 2021, reaching nearly 11 GW per year in 2022.

The global electrolyzer manufacturing and installed capacity is expected to increase to 365 GW by 2030. However, this capacity is not enough to achieve the net zero emission target set for 2050. Hence, the electrolyzer installed capacity must increase to 550 GW by 2030 to achieve the global net zero emission target.

Benefits of Hydrogen Electrolyzer

  • Increased efficiency
  • Environment friendly
  • Dependable energy
  • Safe to use compared to other sources of energy

Hydrogen Electrolyzer Applications

The major applications of hydrogen electrolyzers are

  • Transportation Industry
  • Oil And Gas Industry
  • Manufacturing, Fertilizer Industry
  • Steel & Chemical Industry
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Electrolyzer manufacturers

Globally, Electrolyser manufacturers started to expand their production capacity based on government focus on green hydrogen production, current market growth, and expectations of future demand.

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Electrolyzer market size in India

China and European countries are leading countries in electrolyzer manufacturing and installation. However, with the National green hydrogen mission, India wants to be the hub of Green hydrogen and hence needs electrolyzer manufacturers in India.

Industrial electrolyzers are key equipment to manufacture green hydrogen. The Green hydrogen market in India is expected to reach ~$10 billion by 2030 & ~$35 billion by 2040 per annum.  To meet the demand from green hydrogen producers, the Renewable Energy power requirement for green hydrogen is expected to reach 400 GW by 2030.

Major Electrolyzer manufacturers in India

Green hydrogen is fast emerging as the most secure and clean energy. This is going to be the mega-trend over the next decade worldwide. One of the most common methods of generating Green Hydrogen is by electrolysis of pure water through electrolyzers.

There are a few companies that are present in the area of electrolyzer manufacturing. Though many big companies have started setting up electrolyzer factories to meet the demand of 2030 green hydrogen target, it is still at its initial stage. This is the right time to enter into this mega trend to capture the early entry advantage in this market. Below are the few best electrolyzer manufacturers in India for your reference.

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Reliance Electrolyser Manufacturing Limited

Reliance Electrolyser Manufacturing Limited is a part of the Indian conglomerate Reliance Industries Limited. The company under the brand name of Reliance New Energy Solar Ltd intends to set up a “giga factory” for the production of hydrogen electrolyzers using the technology of Denmark’s Stiesdal A/S.

Reliance won incentives for both green hydrogen and electrolyzers recently. The company secured incentives of USD 0.3 per kg for an electrolyser capacity of 300 MW and USD 0.23 for a green hydrogen capacity of 90,000 tonnes. 

Reliance Electrolyser Manufacturing Limited is not a listed company. This company was incorporated on 22 August 2023, located on the 9th Floor, Maker Chamber IV, 222 Nariman Point Mumbai Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Adani New Industries

Adani New Industries Ltd. is a part of India’s fastest-growing diversified business conglomerate, Adani Group. The company signed a partnership with Total Energies of France to create the world’s largest green hydrogen ecosystem in India. In this strategic alliance, Total Energies will have a 25% minority interest in Adani New Industries Ltd (ANIL) and the rest share will be with Adani Enterprises Ltd (AEL).

Adani New Industries will set up electrolyzer manufacturing capacity under the Production Linked Incentive Scheme of the government of India for green hydrogen production. The company has received an order from Solar Energy Corporation of India to set up an annual capacity of 198.5-megawatt electrolyzers. The facility is expected to be set up within 30 months from the date of the order letter.  

Larsen & Toubro (L&T) Electrolysers

L&T, one of the diversified business groups in India, intends to set up a state-of-the-art giga-factory producing electrolyzers. L&T also planning to bring in the most advanced technology and reduce the cost of electrolyser systems through economies of scale.  

In March 2023, L&T entered into an Electrolyzer Manufacturing Binding Agreement with McPhy Energy of France. McPhy will share its pressurized alkaline electrolyzer technology with L&T for the manufacturing of electrolyzers.

The company also partnered with HydrogenPro AS, a Norway-based leading Electrolyser technology and manufacturing company to tap the emerging Green Hydrogen market.

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Startups in Electrolyzer manufacturers in India

Ohmium International Inc.

Ohmium launched India’s first Green Hydrogen Electrolyzer Gigafactory in Bengaluru, India. The company will have an initial manufacturing capacity of 500 MW per year. This plant can be scaled to 2 GW (2000 MW).

Ohmium has a proton exchange membrane (PEM) hydrogen electrolyzer that uses 100% renewable energy to safely produce green Hydrogen. The company sells its electrolyzer under the brand name “The Ohmium LotusTM”.

AVAADA (hydrogen electrolyzer manufacturers)

Avaada is developing state-of-the-art Electrolyser manufacturing capacity to cater to the growing demand for green hydrogen worldwide. The company is in talks with a few foreign companies to set up an electrolyzer manufacturing plant in India.

Avaada was incorporated in 2016 under the leadership of Vineet Mittal, Chairman, of Avaada Group. Avaada is also into renewable business. By March 2023, Avaada has 4GW of wind and solar plants in operation; another 7 GW is planned, including 1 GW under construction.

Other Companies in Electrolyser Manufacturers and Green Hydrogen Business

The other companies that are engaged in the production of electrolyzer and green hydrogen are Greenko Hydrogen Solutions, Waaree Energies, Green H2 Network India, Advait Infratech, ACME Cleantech Solutions, Oriana Power, Matrix Gas and Renewables, HHP Seven, HomiHydrogen, Newtrace, C. Doctor & Company, Pratishna Engineers and LiveHy Energy, Brisechemicals, etc.

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